What Makes You an Artist?

Life's Layer's opened on May 5th, 2017 at the Campbell House in Southern Pines. The show was very well received and quite a few paintings sold on opening night, including A Tale of Two Cities that I had priced at $750. Considering I sell most of my paintings for under $120, this came as a shock to me. And the comments and questions asked by the buyer were a surprise.

So is it the sale that makes you an artist? Is it the show that makes you an artist? Is it the fact that I put it on my business cards, only because I want something there? Retired is not what I want to see on my cards.

I have not a clue. But I do know that my art is getting better. And this is not because people tell me it is getting better. Nope. I know it is getting better because now I would want to buy one. I like some of them on my walls. And I feel sorry for people who have my old paintings on their walls, even though few people want to exchange the art for a better and even free painting.

What also surpris…
I so admire the artists and others who write daily, weekly, and monthly blog entries. I used to be one of them. I wrote almost weekly and looked at some of the differences of an international student learning how to write a graduate school paper to me trying to learn how to paint. If you are sitting drinking coffee now, you are thinking, wait, these two don't have anything in common.

I stopped that blog when I moved to Pinehurst, NC, and found that it was all I could do to keep up with the move, the differences between Pinehurst and Manhattan, and then when my husband's Stage IV colon cancer returned. While I painted during that time, I wrote only on a colon cancer listserv where I met wonderfully supportive people. And my blog just stopped.

After my husband died, I was became a widow for the second time. I tried periodically to get my blog going again, but I found I just couldn't, nor could I figure out why I could not write. As I got ready for my upcoming show, complete…

Working but not Painting

Last week I took the last of my paintings to be framed, and I hope to have all the work done for Life's Layers show, the Alcohol Ink show at the League, and the two juried shows in June and August. This is truly a lot of paintings that occupy a lot of my bedroom walls and maybe soon my bathroom walls, who knows!

So now I am working on finishing a couple of press releases with photos and I continue to work on my website. It it hard for me to believe that I used to be more comfortable designing websites or working with web materials than I was with painting. And I used to be comfortable with writing. All this has changed.

As of yet I really don't have website readers, but I hope to have them. When I have people, I hope they will leave comments that help me to grow and design a better blog. We will see. But for now I have a question:

As a buyer of paintings, does the title of the painting make a difference to you?

And as an artist, how do you  name your paintings?

I hope you wil…